• WAAT – A new platform for digital stories

    We have signed the contract! From December 2020, Quiosq is participating in the Erasmus + project WAAT. WAAT is a project aimed at adult educators, and seeks to promote both the exchange of good practices  and the development of new material to teach students about values ​​of cultural heritage across different European countries.

  • Barack Obama’s memoirs, and the heritage of political apologetics

    What do Barack Obama, Admiral Mikós Horthy and the Persian Shah have in common? After today, they’ve all written autobiographies to shed light on their political career. And while Obama’s will be very different in most respects, we can also be sure that in other ways it won’t.

  • Brussels and beer

    Many of us watched last week’s exciting US presidential elections: on CNN, we saw the screens and numbers move by at breakneck speed. We were reminded that the USA consisted not only of states, but of all kinds of counties, and zoomed literally and figuratively back and forth between those levels. It was a magical and sometimes alienating experience at the same time. But many will also have wondered why we didn’t actually have such a thing in our “country”, in Europe. We don’t really have that much of an idea ​​what is happening in Brussels and we don’t go out on the street angrily or happily and watch TV…

  • Accidents as heritage: our fascination with a specific type of train crash

        On Monday, November 2nd, 2020, a train belonging to the Rotterdam Metro network crashed through its barrier at Spijkenisse station and came to a standstill atop a work of art depicting two whale tails. Much to the surprise of everyone including the artist who fashioned the artwork, the structure proved strong enough to keep the entire train aloft. An understandably shaken driver was taken out of the train through a back door. As it was an empty train, no one was hurt; how the incident could occur is apparently still unclear. If the image above comes across as somewhat familiar, that is quite understandable. As long as we’ve…

  • He.Co

    He.co was a project set up for the purpose of analyzing and sharing good practices for the development of strategies for the enhancement of local cultural heritage. In the Erasmus+ project He.Co (Hertitage Valorization for Small Local Communities, 2018-2020) Bob Crezee, representing the Reinwardt Academy, worked together with CIAPE (Italy), Plunge Library (Lithuania), VisMedNet Association (Malta) and the Education Centre Geoss (Slovenia). Photo by Céline Geeurickx on Unsplash

  • Biological Collections RUG

    Following the move of the Groningen University (The Netherlands) Department of Biology to a new building, Van der Duin assessed and inventoried the hitherto unused historical collections of the deparment. With the objective of integrating the collections into those of the Groningen University Museum, an extensive collection plan was conceived, including criteria for extension and deaccessioning of objects from the collection. Photo by Savannah Wakefield on Unsplash

  • Emphos

    The objective of the Erasmus+ project EMPHOS was to develop the entrepreneurial skills and attitude of museum professionals and staff within cultural heritage organizations. After in-depth research, a framework was developed for cultural entrepreneurs in Europe containing general knowledge and skills. Emphos was carried out as a collaboration between the Reinwardt Academy (project leader Bob Crezee), Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht, Goldsmiths University, CIAPE and the University of Bologna. Photo by Michele Bitetto on Unsplash

  • About Quiosq

    Welcome to the web site of Quiosq, a new company from the Netherlands devoted to making European heritage projects possible. A ‘quiosque’ is a integral part of public life on the streets of Lisbon; a communal place where people gather to purchase a multitude of items, from cups of coffee to newspapers. In a sense, it is a distribution point of information and experiences, facilitating the human capacity to connect, share and feel at home. The sextagonal building not only offers customers the opportunity to talk to the proprietor, but also to witness and learn from each other. The purpose of our Dutch company Quiosq is similar. We are rooted…