Who We Are

Bob Crezee studied physical geography and quaternary geology at the University of Utrecht. He then specialized in marketing and management in the cultural sector, more specifically in museums. Bob was, among other things, deputy director of the popular science museum Museon in The Hague; because of this position he was involved in a large number of European projects on the exchange of information between heritage institutions.
In 2000, Bob started working for the Reinwardt Academy, the only school for heritage professionals in the Netherlands; as a senior lecturer, he taught courses in the field of marketing and management. In addition to his work in education, he is active as a board member in a number of heritage institutions. Crezee was project leader for the renowned Erasmus + project Emphos, aimed at promoting cultural entrepreneurship at small and medium-sized heritage institutions.

In 2020 he switched to Quiosq. With his extensive experience and network, he wants to further promote the role that heritage can play in European consciousness. Bob is an expert in project management and orgazational change in the cultural sector. To him, the most important values are intellectual freedom and a focus on quality.

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Ilja Nieuwland is a cultural historian, and a published author working in Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal. He has worked at universities and heritage institutions in Germany and the Netherlands, but also for cultural non-profits. At the moment, Nieuwland is attached to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (Huygens Institute), where he is responsible for various open data and open scientific communication projects. In addition, he works at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as a research fellow.

Ilja has published in Science, Public Understanding of Science, and other highly ranked publications, and published American Dinosaur Abroad: A Cultural History of Carnegie’s Plaster Diplodocus with University of Pittsburgh Press in 2019. At the moment, in addition to other responsibilities he works on a biography of the German paleontologist Otto Jaekel under the title The Man Who Did Everything. Nieuwland has had experience with collections throughout Europe, both in museum and archival contexts.

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Where do we come from?

We have experience with creating exhibitions, facilitating processes within museums, and stimulating dialogue between heritage institutions. We have all trained prospective museum professionals. But what we want is to make it easier for professionals to engage in meaningful interaction, and thereby help them to let the public know about the tremendous richness of European heritage.