About Quiosq

Welcome to the web site of Quiosq, a new company from the Netherlands devoted to making European heritage projects possible.

A ‘quiosque’ is a integral part of public life on the streets of Lisbon; a communal place where people gather to purchase a multitude of items, from cups of coffee to newspapers. In a sense, it is a distribution point of information and experiences, facilitating the human capacity to connect, share and feel at home. The sextagonal building not only offers customers the opportunity to talk to the proprietor, but also to witness and learn from each other.

The purpose of our Dutch company Quiosq is similar. We are rooted in the disciplines of geography, history and museology, and work to connect objects, memories, identities and places in heritage projects. We are three heritage professionals that have extensive experience of the museum and heritage sector.

Who are we?

  • Bob Crezee is a museum marketing and organization specialist with over thirty years’ experience in the museum field, notably in the areas of marketing and management
  • Marieke van der Duin is an organizer and educator in heritage studies whose strengths lie in conceptualizing social aspects of heritage in practical projects, and
  • Ilja Nieuwland is a historian of science and a published author, who has written extensively about museum and collection history, and who has personally worked with natural history collections.

Where do we come from?

We have experience with creating exhibitions, facilitating processes within museums, and stimulating dialogue between heritage institutions. We have all trained prospective museum professionals. But what we want is to make it easier for professionals to engage in meaningful interaction, and thereby help them to let the public know about the tremendous richness of European heritage.

Image: Wikimedia Commons (Alejandro).

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